Relentless: What the Homosexual Lobby Wants to Do in North Carolina

2014 March for Marriage Rally in DC
2014 March for Marriage Rally in DC

Despite the legalization of homosexual “marriage” in the United States, homosexuals are still attempting to shut down public disapproval of their lifestyles.

After a court struck down North Carolina’s voter-approved law (61 percent approval) that affirmed marriage as the union between one man and one woman and the U.S. Supreme Court discovered a constitutional right for two men to call themselves married, the legislature wanted to protect Christians in government. Lawmakers passed such a bill, but Gov. Pat McCrory, a Republican, vetoed it. Fortunately, the legislature’s vote was veto-proof.

Homosexuals don’t appreciate the fact that Christian magistrates in North Carolina can decline to perform their “marriages.” CBN reported that several seek to dismantle the state’s religion exemption: 

About 5 percent of the state’s roughly 670 magistrates had filed recusal paperwork as of September, according to the state court system.

But Republican state Senate leader Phil Berger says everyone seeking a marriage license in North Carolina has received one since the law was enacted in June.

“This is just the latest attempt by the far Left’s political correctness mob to force their beliefs on everyone else by trampling the First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom,” Berger said.

Why would homosexuals sue the state over the religious exemption when other magistrates are available to perform their “marriages”? Because they’re determined to normalize what even the non-religious have considered deviant behavior and stop Christians from openly opposing it.

That the magistrates are government employees is a convenient argument. Even those whose salaries are paid by working Americans, many of whom share the Christian magistrates’ views, retain their freedom of religion. Christians must be just as relentless and just as determined.

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