Restore the Dream and Return the Country to the People

Niger Innis, Star Parker, Dr. Alveda King, and others kicked off a campaign called “Restore the Dream,” sponsored by The goal is to return the country to “We the people.” From the press release:

President Obama said yesterday that without the black vote, Democrat control of the Senate is in danger. Our message to minority communities is that you have been sold a bunch of lies and it’s time to take control of your destiny and stop believing that government is the answer to your problems.

Restore the Dream 2014 is about to send a shockwave through the political establishment who has depended on minority voters feeling government is their only hope. The concept of American exceptionalism is still available to anyone of any color if they are willing to work for it.

The socialist left wants you to think that the American dream is only available to a select few. The rest are just victims. If you look closely, those select few are those who donate millions to socialist Democrats and champion the agenda of big government and limited individual liberty.

The American Dream. It’s harder to achieve these days, given the state of the economy, but shrinking the federal government will go a long way to bringing it within reach. A limited government means more individual liberty. That’s a worthy goal for any American, regardless of race, age, or creed.

(via Wayne Dupree)

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