Ryan Bomberger: NAACP's Fight to Suppress Protected Speech Embarrassing

Ryan-Bomberger_300Bound4Life interviewed BCN contributor and pro-lifer Ryan Bomberger, who talked about the NAACP’s lawsuit against him.

Bomberger parodied the NAACP’s logo and called the group the National Association for the Abortion of Colored People, to reflect the group’s pro-abortion position. Naturally, an organization that once fought for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for “colored” people didn’t like being reminded of its support for killing some of those colored people. An excerpt:

Bound4LIFE: Since this case has progressed, what have you learned about Americans’ right to free speech?

Ryan Bomberger: I have learned that apparently it’s conditional, and it seems to be conditional that a judge refer to actual law and the Constitution. This is the scariest part of all this: realizing that those invested with that kind of power can so selectively choose to perform their job based on the Constitution, which the job is rooted in.

“It’s not just The Radiance Foundation that is being sued, it’s me personally. It’s scary to know that any multi-million dollar organization can sue someone without merit and get so far. This isn’t slander or libel. The article is all documented content on the NAACP’s pro-abortion position and actions. And the truth is – from Mark Twain to Saturday Night Live – America has a long tradition of parody as a form of free speech.

“An American citizen is being harassed and dragged into a court of law, because a multi-million dollar organization saw something written they do not like.

“The NAACP’s defense, to me, reflects an organization that has such disdain for our actual civil rights. Their position is to take what is clearly a news article – an editorial with social commentary – and pretend that it is not. They refuse to even refer to it as a news article. They call it a posting. That, to me, shows the difference in the defense.

“I find it embarrassing that a civil rights organization like the NAACP would actually go so far to deny that something is protected speech. They have spent nearly a million dollars at this point; they are not going to give up. They will keep on pursuing this line of censorship – that’s what it really is.

Bound4LIFE: In recent weeks, you also appeared at a United Nations panel alongside some very diverse groups. How did your views on defending pre-born lives contrast with others?

Ryan Bomberger: There was such a contrast among the six panelists. There were three that were pro-homosexuality and pro-abortion; and three groups that were pro-natural family and pro-life. There was a huge chasm.

“To hear Marianne Mollmann from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission say, “We can’t study what the unborn child is” was funny to me because she is acknowledging the baby in the womb is a child. You had the pro-abortion side dancing around the issue of abortion, but making such bizarre statements.

“This is what happens when you have an ideology that is so rooted in emotion, devoid of all evidence.”

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