Saida Grundy Impersonated Ex-Boyfriend's Girlfriend Online

v_grundySaida Grundy is back in the news.

Given our 24-hour news cycle, someone who pops up in the news for doing or saying something controversial tends to stay there until the depths are thoroughly plumbed.

The incoming Boston University professor made headlines recently for ranting on Twitter about how much she didn’t like white people (in so many words). After saying she “regretted” doing that, she taunted a rape victim on Facebook.

The media managed to dig up a criminal conviction for Grundy:

In December 2007, Grundy created a fake account on adult website The account profile depicted a woman who was dating a man with whom Grundy had also been involved. Grundy got photos of the woman, who lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, from the man’s email account.

The Virginia woman discovered the fake account in her name in June 2008. She called her local police, who then contacted law enforcement in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In their report, police wrote that Grundy told them, “This was a jealous thing regarding another man.”

Grundy was charged with felony counts of identity theft and using computers to commit a crime. She was also charged with a misdemeanor count of malicious use of a telecommunications service.

The government dismissed the felonies after Grundy plead to the misdemeanor charge.

Grundy was 24 when this happened. We were 24 once (some of us more recently than others!), and we’ve all done things we deeply regret. Regardless of age, we still do. Considering what Grundy’s been up to the last few weeks, however, I predict Boston University will quietly rescind the offer of employment.

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