Combatting Liberal Indoctrination Through Education Choice — Watch CURE America

Parents have natural and divine rights given to them as mother and father of their child. So what happens when those rights are interfered with and threatened? This week on CURE America, Jonathan Alexandre is back as guest host with a ton of new guests to discuss the current state of parental rights in America.

Through the confines of COVID, more and more parents are becoming aware of just what that means, as the Left continues its assault of a woke ideology on our society, and perhaps most importantly, in our classrooms.

Jamison Coppola of the Parental Rights Foundation and Janae Stracke of the Heritage Action for America take us through the growing fight taking place at school board meetings and the grassroots movement to equip parents to fight for their right and role in their child’s education. Coppola, director of government affairs with the American Association of Christian Schools, takes us through some of the legislation making its way through the process on both sides of the fight and across the states, as well as the increasing government intrusion into the religious liberty of Christian schools.

Alfonso Aguilar is back, alongside CURE’s own Marty Dannenfelser, to discuss Biden’s brazen and divisive speech on the “Soul of America.”

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