Second Amendment Support Among Blacks Grows

The Washington Times reports that support for gun rights is the highest it’s been in decades. Fifty-two percent of Americans say the right to keep and bear arms is more important than gun control.

Fifty-four percent of black Americans say guns protect people from being crime victims over 41 percent who say guns risk the public’s safety. Just two years ago, 29 percent of blacks believed guns protected victims. You could say guns do both, but that’s the trade-off.

Why the change? Perhaps the “flash mob” style crime sprees is one reason. And if riots keep spreading, expect support for gun rights to grow even more across the board. An excerpt:

The changes are all the more stunning given the direction the debate appeared to be going two years ago, when 20-year-old gunman Adam Lanza killed his mother, then drove to the elementary school where he fatally shot 26 people, then turned the gun on himself to commit suicide.

President Obama called for major new restrictions on gun rights in the wake of the shooting, asking Congress to enact a bill to subject more gun purchases to background checks and to ban high-capacity ammunition magazines and military-style rifles. But gun rights supporters rallied, blocking those efforts in the Senate and leaving the matter stalled.

Some states acted in lieu of federal action, but Democrats on Capitol Hill said Wednesday they remain committed to imposing new restrictions.

Unlike on-demand abortion, homosexual “marriage,” racial preferences, and other so-called civil rights, owning guns is an enumerated right in the U.S. Constitution. Above all others, this right should be guarded like a precious jewel.

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