Section 230 Allows Tech Giants to Censor You — Watch Cure America Episode 78

On Cure America, we take a look at another issue threatening our liberties — the censorship of diverse opinions and voices.

Right now, the media has focused attention on podcaster Joe Rogan simply for having guests on his show who are not in step and in line with the woke left. But it’s no secret that this kind of culture to silence and suppress has been going on for quite a while.

Jon Schweppe, Director of Policy and Government Affairs at the American Principles Project, has been following and pushing for legislative reform on this issue for years. He takes us through the weeds on what a path forward might look like, one that protects our youngest and most vulnerable, while also not stepping on our inherent right to freedom of speech.

Our policy and legal experts weigh in on the panel, discussing the culture of silence that’s forming in contradiction to our founding principles. After all, when we engage and discuss ideas instead of constantly shunning and silencing, we may find ourselves less divided as Americans.

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