Seriously? Death Clinic Planned Parenthood Should Learn What ‘Irony’ Means

The Washington Times reported on a Planned Parenthood campaign called “Do No Harm,” which encourages opposition to efforts to defund the abortion giant.

The abortion mill is the master of missed irony. Planned Parenthood does plenty of harm.

The president of the organization that kills unborn babies for convenience recently said in opposition to the Obamacare repeal bill that “every person has the right to live.”

Every person, except the voiceless and most vulnerable people.

Women have a right to kill their own unborn children in this country, but taxpayers shouldn’t be obligated to contribute the fruits of their labor to the deaths. Women who want to kill their precious babies do not have a right to our money.

As the Washington Times noted, the “Do No Harm” phrase has to do with the doctors’ oath not to harm their patients. Planned Parenthood makes a mockery of it.

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