Sheriff David Clarke Agrees With Sen. Ted Cruz's Remarks About Muslim Neighborhoods

Are our railway systems soft targets for Muslim terrorists? Absolutely. Fox News’s Stuart Varney asked Sheriff David Clarke whether it was obvious that train systems are vulnerable and whether we can do something about it.

The sheriff said we’re an open society, and we want to keep it that way, but we’re vulnerable in a lot of areas. What can we do to prevent these attacks efficiently and effectively?

“You have to use a risk-based model and do a threat assessment. So you look at train stations. You look at train routes. You look at our airline system. So you do those sorts of things, and then you use this model to take your limited resources and apply them to that.” 

Varney mentioned Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks about patrolling Muslim neighborhoods in the United States. Does the sheriff agree? We’re already doing that, he said. The New York City Police Department is allowed to go anywhere in these areas, where the public is allowed to go, under a court order called the Handschu Agreement.

“They do not do rolling surveillance. They do not do rogue spying. But they’re looking for evidence of hot spots. They’re looking for evidence of radicalization, those sorts of things. Look, we have an obligation to protect those communities as well.”

Watch the brief clip to hear what Sheriff Clarke said about so-called no-go zones in these neighborhoods.

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