WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke Blasts Milwaukee Mayor's Anti-Gun Posturing

According to Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, the problem in his city isn’t the thugs using guns to kill people; it’s Republicans protecting the enumerated right to bear arms:

“This community has to face the reality that the gun laws that this state has put forward over the last few years, as proud as it makes the Governor and the Legislature feel, has resulted in more guns on the streets of the city of Milwaukee.”

“More guns” is exactly what the Second Amendment protects. Criminals misuse guns, and no law will stop them from doing it.

Of course the mayor’s opinions are ridiculous, i.e., leftist, and Sheriff David Clarke, also of Milwaukee, called him out on Fox News.

“When you’re a liberal politician,” he told Megyn Kelly, “the tendency is that when you have no solutions to what’s going on in a city, a state, a country, you blame political adversaries. This was a cheap shot by Mayor Tom Barrett, but it’s important to add that Tom Barrett lost twice in [the] race for Governor against Scott Walker, and there’s probably some residual bitterness.”

So much posturing by liberal politicians who have no problem being surrounded by gun-carrying security. The peasants are too ignorant to carry guns.

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