WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke on Charged Officers in Baltimore

The state prosecutor charged six Baltimore police officers in Freddie Gray’s death, a death that was ruled a homicide. I bet it took the wind out of the “Racist police!” sails when liberals saw that three of the charged officers are black — and the officer charged with murder is black.

Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox News to discuss the charges. He said that Marilyn Mosby, state prosecutor, knows she’s not going to be able to prove all the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. He said this was George Zimmerman (“white” Hispanic, indeed) and Duke lacrosse false rape all over again.

“I hope the state’s attorney general gets involved in this…The smart thing for [Mosby] to do is recuse herself and name a special prosecutor.”

The sheriff reminded viewers that “homicide” is just the manner of death. Still to be determined is whether it’s accidental or otherwise. He acknowledged there might be some “civil torts.”

Sheriff Clarke said that Mosby’s political statements at the end of her news conference were political activism and probably a violation of her code of ethics as a lawyer.

The sheriff does not mince words. Listen to the full clip for more.

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