WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke on LA Shooting, Non-Lethal Force

Police officers in Los Angeles shot and killed a homeless man on Monday who they say grabbed an officer’s gun. The video, recorded by a bystander, showed the man reaching toward a rookie officer’s waistband. The rookie was heard shouting, “He has my gun! He has my gun!”

Because the man was black, the “Racist!” brigade went into full attack mode, though the rookie officer is black. The other officers are white.

Sheriff David Clarke recently commented on the incident. He said the officers showed up at the location after a call for service and confronted the man, who decided to fight with the police. (Always a bad idea, even if the police have mistaken you for someone else. Comply on the scene and straighten things out at the station.)

When the police get into a struggle with someone, Sheriff Clarke said, “weapon retention is job one.” If the suspect had complied with the officers’ lawful commands to be taken into custody, which he had a duty to do, no one would have been shot.

Any reasonably intelligent person knows all this, but liberals are determined to use these unfortunate incidents for “Racist!” gains.

Megyn Kelly played Devil’s Advocate and asked the sheriff why the police didn’t use tasers — non-lethal force — on the man. Watch the video for his answer.

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