Sheriff David Clarke on Milwaukee Rioters and ‘Law of the Jungle’

Riots in Sheriff David Clarke’s territory!

On Saturday, a black police officer shot and killed an armed black man who’d led the police on a foot chase in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The officer had ordered the man to drop the gun. He didn’t.

People used this incident as an excuse to wound, steal, and destroy. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots. Rioters threw rocks and bricks. They looted and burned down businesses. They burned cars. They threatened people.

Gov. Scott Walker activated the National Guard to assist the police if necessary.

“The social order in Milwaukee totally collapsed on Saturday night,” Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee County said. “And when the social order collapses, tribal behavior takes over. And when tribal behavior takes over, the law of the jungle replaces the rule of law.”

The situation improved, but the sheriff said he won’t be satisfied “until these creeps crawl back into their holes, so that the good, law-abiding people that live in the Milwaukee ghetto can return to at least a calm quality of life.”

What causes riots? The sheriff said failed, liberal, urban policies in these ghettos.

“Milwaukee has inescapable poverty. We’re, like, the sixth poorest city in America.” Only Cleveland’s and Detroit’s school systems are worse. “You have massive black unemployment…You have dysfunctional families. You have father-absent homes. You have questionable lifestyle choices. Those are the ingredients for a riot. And then a police shooting comes along [which] acts as an igniter to an already volatile situation.”

Between Friday night and Saturday, Sheriff Clarke said, four people were murdered in nine separate shootings in the area, and no one heard a peep from those involved in the riot.

“But all of a sudden, a law enforcement officer fearing for his life, reasonably, is confronted by an armed individual, and these people who exploit this thing, these cop-haters, want to come out and riot.” It’s just an opportunity to steal, loot, and rabble-rouse.

The poor, law-abiding people need help, and they’re not getting it, Sheriff Clarke said. Watch the brief clip to hear what else he has to say about Democrats in Milwaukee.


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