WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke Rejects 'Racist Police' Premise

It’s fair to say Sheriff David Clarke does not have a high opinion of Al Sharpton!

Sheriff Clarke recently appeared on Fox News to comment on the police-involved shooting in South Carolina. Before his remarks, Fox showed a video clip of a black man defending the police after an officer stopped him for making an incorrect turn. Good for him, Sheriff Clarke said, and wondered how long it would take the mainstream media and the “race provocateurs” to try to discredit him.

Regarding Officer Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott, Sheriff Clarke rejected the premise that white police officers unjustifiably shoot and kill unarmed black men too often in this country. (Since when does being “unarmed” mean police officers can’t shoot you? How does the cop know whether a suspect is armed and with what?)

“I’m not going to let anybody use what is an outlier, an anomaly in this situation so far…as some sort of macrocosm about American policing.”

“I’m not standing in judgment because I don’t know all the facts in South Carolina,” he said, “and I want to let those officials, because I trust the process…I want to let them finish their investigation.”

The sheriff reiterated that the overwhelming majority of police officers serve with honor, distinction, integrity, and character protecting the community. Just as he wouldn’t hold an entire race of people responsible when a black man recently killed two NYPD officers, people shouldn’t hold the whole of law enforcement responsible when one cop steps outside constitutional bounds.

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