Sheriff David Clarke's Message to Cops: I'm Proud of You

So liberals expect everyone to get used to this new thing now — when white cops shoot black suspects, the incident becomes global. Sadly, the reality is these incidents reflect the disproportionate crime rates among young black men and the policing required to apprehend suspects and protect other people.

A black man, a “career criminal,” shot and killed NYPD Officer Brian Moore, who was white. If it weren’t for the white-cop-kills-unarmed-black-man hype, Officer Moore’s death probably would go unmentioned.

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County appeared on Fox News to comment on what the police have to deal with. He compared news coverage in this case to what likely would have happened had Officer Moore survived and killed the suspect. He calls the contrast “sick.”

Sean Hannity noted the differences in coverage between white-on-black killings and black-on-black, in places like Chicago and Detroit, for example. “How do [the cops] do their job in this environment now?”

“Well, you know, we have big shoulders,” the sheriff said, “and we volunteered for this. That’s why I tell these cops to keep their chin up. The black-on-black crime that occurs in these urban centers across America should bring tears to the eyes of a brass monkey. But of course, that’s glossed over. That’s swept [under] the rug in one of these rare instances.”

Sheriff Clarke called all of these deaths tragic. But in a rare instance when an officer has to use force to defend himself or someone else and ends up killing a black man, “all of a sudden the sky is falling.”

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