Chuck Schumer, It’s Not Up to YOU What Happens in Israel

Israel, surrounded by enemies, has the right to defend herself. But we have a U.S. senator, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, denouncing the country’s prime minister on the floor of the U.S. Senate and calling for new elections in Israel.

Israel is involved in a life or death battle after Hamas attacked the country on October 7, 2023.

“Within days of the Hamas attack, political rivals in Israel put aside all of their differences to form an emergency government and a war cabinet,” Star Parker said at Straight Arrow News. “Now while tensions have developed within that alliance as the war against Hamas has dragged on, it is up to Israelis to resolve their differences internally free from foreign interference.”

It’s not up to Chuck Schumer what happens in Israel.

Star said that Israel “experienced the kind of attack that was unleashed against us on September 11 In 2001. We should stand with them and Senator Schumer should stand down from his abusive attacks against Israel’s government and the judicial branch of our own government.”

This isn’t the first time Schumer tried to tell others what to do and threaten political opponents. Watch the full segment below or at Straight Arrow News.

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