I Did Not ‘Exonerate’ Biden — Watch CURE America with Star Parker

Join Star Parker this week on CURE America with Star Parker for insightful conversations with guests dedicated to upholding principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility in the United States.

Star sits down with Richard Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government, and Marty Dannenfelser, vice president for Government Relations at CURE, to analyze a recent hearing of Special Counsel Robert Hur over the investigation into Joe Biden’s illegal actions of hoarding “classified documents” in his messy garage for over two decades while he was a senator, without legal privileges to have them.

Next, Star speaks with Thomas Shacks, who is shedding light on his work with Citizens Against Government Waste. Shacks provides valuable insight into the organization’s mission, operation, and its relentless efforts to combat excessive government spending, which currently is headed to exceed $7 trillion. He emphasizes the necessity of effective lobbying and proposes solutions for reining in congressional overspending.

The conversation then shifts to recent legislation affecting TikTok, highlighting the importance of forcing the Chinese parent company, ByteDance, to divest its control of this very popular app in America to a more friendly nation, thereby reducing Communist spying apparatus in our nation.

Finally, the show addresses Vice President Kamala Harris’s visit to Planned Parenthood, challenging the narrative that abortion is a matter of women’s health when we all clearly know that abortion is taking a life.

Don’t miss this episode of CURE America.

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