Special Rights for Homosexuals Campaign Congratulates EEOC Confirmations

Meeting_with_Leaders_of_the_March_on_Washington_August_28_1963_-_NARA_-_194276When President John F. Kennedy signed an executive order to require government contractors to take “affirmative action” to hire individuals without regard to factors like race or national origin, the intention was to benefit historically excluded groups like black Americans. It was unfair, not to mention un-American, to treat people differently based not on behavior, but on an immutable characteristic like race.

The executive order created a forerunner to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). No one back in 1961 could have imagined that homosexuals would cite these laws and policies in their campaign to normalize deviant sexual behavior.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a group concerned about certain humans, lobbies the government for special rights based on sexual behavior. The homosexual lobby has been successful in analogizing sexual behavior to race. Aside from comparing homosexual “marriage” to interracial marriage, they portray themselves as a historically oppressed minority, as blacks once were. But homosexuals have the same civil rights as everyone else.

As for everyone else’s rights, they violate the religious freedom of Christian business owners, for example, by using the power of the government to force them to either provide services for their “weddings,” or face fines and/or bankruptcy. But who cares about Christians, whose rights are enumerated in the U.S. Constitution?

Today, the HRC congratulated Charlotte Burrows and P. David Lopez, on their U.S. Senate confirmations to the EEOC. Burrows and Lopez are apparently on board the special rights campaign.

For the record, Terrence Bean, HRC’s co-founder and Obama supporter, was arrested and indicted for sodomizing a 15-year-old boy.

Photo credit: “Photograph of Meeting with Leaders of the March on Washington August 28, 1963 – NARA – 194276” by White House (Washington, D.C.), Photographer (NARA record: 1126641)U.S. National Archives and Records Administration. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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