Star Parker Explains Why the Majority of Blacks Vote Liberal and the Majority of Whites Vote Conservative

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, recently appeared on the Bill Walton Show to discuss being a black Republican.

Walton asked the guests how important faith was in crossing over from liberal to conservative. Star said it’s “absolutely important” and not just for herself personally. She believes what the founders believed: a people can’t self-govern without God. You need a moral people. “The more heavy the hand the of government is,” she said, “the less religion you have.”

Star believes people vote their economic interests, not their race. Walton asked how to get people to stop seeing race. Both Star and the other guest, Winsome Sears (a former Republican politician) said there’s nothing wrong with seeing race. God made all of us, and race is part of His creation. The races do have different experiences.

Star got to the heart of Walton’s point about race: why can’t we find common ground on what the country should be? Why do the majority of blacks tend to vote liberal and the majority of whites vote conservative?

This is an intriguing question that isn’t as simple as people might assume. Listen to Star’s explanation.

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