Star Parker 'Courageously Defiant' Against Leftists

StarParkerLast month, Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) founder and president Star Parker spoke at a forum in Greensboro, North Carolina, with liberal columnist Leonard Pitts, on how the lack of family values and leftists pushing the “victim” narrative harm blacks. 

Among other things, Star said the country can’t overlook the instability of the black family or the impact of race-based victimhood when discussing crime and poverty.

Charles Davenport, Jr., a member of the Greensboro News & Record community editorial board, wrote about the forum in a Sunday opinion column.

“Parker was not only thoughtful and articulate, but also, as a black female, courageously defiant. We expect blacks to champion left-wing policies, and our expectations are well-founded: Year after year, 90 percent of the black vote goes to Democrats. (Yet, other than dependency and a sense of entitlement, it is difficult to ascertain what ‘benefits’ have been derived.)”

Davenport noted how liberals teach that “racism” is to blame for every ill that affects blacks. That black boys are suspended and expelled disproportionately, for example, is because white school officials just don’t like black boys. Black men are locked up disproportionate to their numbers in the population because white people don’t like black men. It’s not so much misbehavior and breaking the law, according to liberals, but racial bias.

Does any reasonable person believe that “white America” is out to get black people?

“Unfortunately, among the most egregious offenders are liberal activists who masquerade as ‘journalists,'” Davenport wrote. “In a recent example from these pages, Tamara Jeffries, who teaches media studies at Bennett College, wrote that ‘It seems there is little or nothing a black male can do without his race becoming a negative factor.’ This is only one of her many demonstrably false, inflammatory claims…The left wing’s racism boogeyman is wildly exaggerated at best, and immeasurably self-destructive, particularly when it is indoctrinated into the minds of young black males.”

Star is correct when she said the left tells black children that America is racist, setting them up to blame others when they fail. As I mentioned in the previous post about the forum, this is a weak position. Parents should teach children the opposite — instilling a no-excuses strength that will carry them through life.

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