Star Parker: Creators Syndicate and 'Blind Conceit'

BlindConceit_smallerStar Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), has a recently published book available, titled Blind Conceit: Politics, Policy & Racial Polarization: Moving Forward to Save America.

The book is a compilation of columns Star wrote during the past 10 years as a nationally syndicated columnist for Scripps News Service. Star’s column is now distributed by Creators Syndicate.

Star exposes the liberal agenda in Blind Conceit, a policy that does more harm than good. It’s weakened the family and public institutions. Star should know. After spending years on welfare, she started CURE to educate lower-income and government-dependent Americans on market-based solutions to poverty. Bigger government begets more dependency.

“The liberal progressive social injusice lie of the left gripped America’s poor and minority communities some 50 years ago and locked three generations into economic stagnation and dependency on a Welfare State,” she said. “And today, progressive liberalism is financially choking our entire society.”

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