Star Parker Interview…and TV Show?

StarParkerStar Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), just released a new book, Blind Conceit: Politics, Policy & Racial Polarization: Moving Forward to Save America, a compilation of columns.

Star doesn’t shy away from telling the truth about liberals. “The Democratic machine has built up this plantation,” she told The Daily Caller. “Then, they gerrymander the plantation in order to keep getting re-elected. When an African-American tries to stand up and challenges this system, they are quickly silenced, and treated like an escaped slave.”

Like Dr. Ben Carson and many other conservatives, Star loathes political correctness.

“Number one it stifles traditional values,” she said. “Two, it increases the role of government when it comes to helping the poor. If you say anything against government welfare, you are labeled a racist. Three, it hurts the market. We are told to envy our bosses and those who are more successful. And four, it hurts our ability to form a strong national allegiance and national defense.”

The world needs more people like Star to speak the truth boldly. Is there a TV show in the works?

“Through my non-profit CURE…we are looking to purchase a one hour time slot for a television show on The Word Network. The network has a 95% black Christian audience and we are currently in the midst of a fund raising campaign to purchase the hour ahead of Jesse Jackson.”

Read the full interview here.

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