Star Parker: Major Black History Data Revealed

For all Americans, we should celebrate that earnings growth is rising like we haven’t seen in generations. In my nationally-syndicated column, I wrote how earnings for blacks is higher than whites in the Trump Administration. But the left-wing media won’t talk about this tremendous success. There’s a good reason: when blacks succeed, liberals lose power. Happy Black History Month!!

Pastor Kenneth Fontenot attends President Trump’s policy speech in North Carolina

I’m proud to announce that Pastor Kenneth Fontenot attended President Trump’s policy speech in Charlotte, North Carolina — a battleground state — and appeared on the local news. Pastor Fontenot is a member of our clergy network who made a video for us a few weeks ago about Trump’s impeachment that went viral. This is another win for freedom-lovers who make sure CURE, the non-profit organization that I founded and run, is able to find and recruit pastors to help change the hearts and minds of more Americans about our freedom-loving policies that we support.

Watch his segment from the local news:

Here are some of my reactions that I think you will appreciate:

Our rights are not up to a vote. We’re with you Virginian Freedom Fighters! Fight back the tyrants! #2A #SecondAmendment

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