WATCH: Star Parker Noticed Something Curious About the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

During a pastors summit CURE hosted in September, the group visited the Martin Luther King, Jr., memorial on the National Mall. CURE founder and president Star Parker called King a “moral man” — not referring to his personal life, but what God asked him to do for the country. She said his ministry was built in morality. Then she pointed out something curious to the group.

Notice, Star said, that from reading the signs and looking at the monument, you wouldn’t know that King was a preacher.

“There is a controversy going on right now that not only is there no sign that he was a preacher…in charge of a great moment in history — whether we were going to be biblical and free or secular and statist — they decided that they weren’t even going to showcase much of that civil rights era.”

Star said there’s “more mention of demilitarizing…unionizing, and you’ll see a lot about Vietnam, but very little about the African American experience.”

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