Star Parker On Help for Drug Addiction: Private Charities, Not the Government

News sources recently reported on the epidemic of opioid abuse, pain-killing narcotics that include heroin.

CURE’s Star Parker has first-hand experience. On welfare for seven years, Star committed criminal acts and abused drugs. Becoming a Christian changed her life.

CURE, a policy institute in the nation’s capital, explores market-based solutions to fight poverty and addresses some of the social and cultural questions.

“What we do know is that it is not the federal government’s job to fund the private decisions of individuals,” Star said. “It’s the government’s job to protect those individuals. So that means we need to protect our borders, but it also means that we have to be concerned about the messaging that comes out from Congress through laws.”

Congress is making laws that increase moral relativism, Star added. We need charity organizations in place to get involved when people fall into moral crises like drug addiction, not more laws and government fixes.

“That’s why we want things like charity tax credits,” she said. Dollar for dollar tax credits for private charitable contributions.

We spend $900 billion on so-called anti-poverty programs. “Grant programs do not work. And the Senate knows that. The House knows that.” Yet liberals insist that’s the best approach.

The better way to help individuals is through private charities.

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