WATCH: Star Parker on Varney: Entitlement Nation?

Is America now a hand-out society? Fox News‘s Stuart Varney said yes, we are. President Barack Obama has won. He’s changed the nature of America. Goal accomplished.

Star Parker says it might be true but hopes we can turn things around. Blacks in America got caught up in the entitlement mentality first. She referenced Frederick Douglass’s famous answer to the question, “What should be done for the negro?”

“I have had but one answer from the beginning,” Douglass said. “Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us! If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are wormeaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! I am not for tying or fastening them on the tree in any way, except by nature’s plan, and if they will not stay there, let them fall. And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone!”

Talk about black pride. That’s the definition of it. Or it was. These days, it’s all about what the government can do for you…what you think the government owes you. That’s too bad, especially for the generations to come.

How did we get here? Star says it began after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., in the 1960s.

“We had during the 60s a war on religion, a war on poverty, and a war on marriage at the same time. So the most vulnerable in our society got caught up first.” King wanted repentance and revival, Star said. Social justice proponents want revenge and redistribution.

Solutions? Check out the video.

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