Star Parker Reacts to Trump's Planned Parenthood Comments

StarParkerDebateWatchAt last Thursday’s debate watch party during the National Religious Broadcaster’s Proclaim 16 convention, Star Parker and Roy Beck of NumbersUSA joined talk show host Eric Metaxas to lead a discussion.

Commenting on Donald Trump’s remarks about Planned Parenthood:

The debate resumed and turned toward issues of extreme importance to those in attendance at Proclaim 16. Conservative radio host and debate moderator Hugh Hewitt asked candidates about their commitment to religious liberty. During one of his answers, Trump defended abortion provider Planned Parenthood. This “staggered” Metaxas.

Parker said she believes Trump’s position on Planned Parenthood is consistent with his position on many issues. “He believes what will make America great is to go after the ‘losers and the weak,’” she said.

Metaxas responded that Trump did say he opposed abortion. The candidate’s words rang hollow for Parker. “It will be very consistent with Donald Trump’s worldview to continue to support Planned Parenthood,” she said, “because Donald Trump believes some people are just ‘losers.’”



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