Star Parker: Ryan Anderson Explains What the Equality Act Would Do If it Became Law — It’s Not Good

Our pastors just listened to Ryan Anderson talk about the dangers of the so-called Equality Act of 2019. Dr. Anderson is a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. We recorded his urgent discussion with us so you can also listen and share it far and wide, especially with your church!

During his discussion, Anderson explained the dangers of this progressive bill. By tinkering with the Civil Rights Act and eliminating religious freedom, this legislation changes everything about our country and we are called to act.

After the discussion, more and more of our pastors from distressed zip codes signed our letter to oppose this anti-religious and anti-freedom legislation. You can read our letter and see many of the pastors who signed it by clicking here.

Listen to Dr. Ryan Anderson’s warnings about the leftist Equality Act:

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