Star Parker Urges Congressional Republicans to Stay Focused and United

Star Parker said this is no time for infighting among congressional Republicans about aid to Israel and Ukraine.

On a recent segment at Straight Arrow News, Star urged Republicans to stay focused and united.

“Israel is one of America’s most important allies,” she said. “They have stood by us in our times of need, and they are critical partners in ensuring our national security. I am proud to stand with our friends in Israel, and I commend House Speaker Mike Johnson and his colleagues for their ongoing dedication to Israel’s survival. The unprovoked terrorist attack against Israel on October, 7 2023, was an abomination that cannot be allowed to stand.”

Star explained why our aid is important.

“The speaker’s legislation seeks to stop Iran from exporting tens of billions of dollars of oil per year to China and sanctions anyone involved in buying, selling, and manufacturing Iranians, missiles and drones.”

And that’s not all.

House Speaker Johnson has been a principled and effective leader, Star said.

“The small group of House members who object to some of his decisions and want to remove him from leadership should set aside their differences until after the election.”

Watch Star’s entire segment below or at Straight Arrow News.



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