Star Parker: What the President’s Doing is Incredible

President Donald Trump is fulfilling another campaign promise, Star Parker said.

The founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education said on Fox News that it’s incredible President Donald Trump is taking on welfare reform with the midterm elections coming up. The Trump administration will require certain welfare recipients to work or train to work for the taxpayers’ money they receive, and asked federal agencies to facilitate these changes. The previous president had waived the work requirement.

“He said he wants to fix the inner cities.” Star said, one of President Trump’s campaign promises. “About 1.4 million African Americans voted for him knowing that he was going to do that. And now he’s attempting to do that through this new initiative, this executive order that he signed last week.”

Star has firsthand experience with poverty and welfare. She believed “the lies of the left,” that all of her problems were someone else’s fault. In the United States, you don’t have to die poor just because you’re born poor. People need to understand that they can control their lives and have something to contribute.

Star said the first part of the president’s promise was in the tax bill. What’s specifically in the tax reform bill to help high-poverty communities? Watch the brief clip to hear more.

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