Stephen Broden: Abortion –The Fight has Changed, Are You Ready?

The abortion fight has changed! The battlefield has shifted to the states. The pro-life community, especially black pro-lifers, must adjust their strategy to target those states doubling down to legalize abortion. No doubt, the abortion industry is working to influence and mobilize legislators in blue states to codify abortion.

It is clear that the pro-abortion advocates have adjusted their efforts to the states and have rallied their allies to target governors, attorneys general, legislators, community organizers, preachers, and others to protect the practice of killing innocent babies.

Since SCOTUS ruled against Roe, pro-aborts have rushed to galvanize their efforts to embellish a deceptive narrative that the court’s decision hurts black and poor women. Their talking points include a carefully crafted mantra that abortion is “health care,” and black and poor women need abortion services as an essential part of their health care. It is a clever and effective ruse to frame abortion as health care, for it cloaks the brutal reality that abortion is the deliberate murder of innocent life. This public argumentation aims to stir the poor and unsuspecting into supporting an evil, murderous practice of slaughtering innocent babies.

The success of this dialectic is dependent mainly upon its emotional appeal to poor and uninformed women. Merchants of death enter black and poor communities and, through pretense, offer empathetic persuasion, seducing women into believing killing their babies is the only answer to unintended pregnancies. Unfortunately, these merchants also draw black preachers and politicians to betray their communities with filthy lucre, who, in turn, open the community to a spiritual deception that blinds its victims to the destructive results of abortion.

Through slick advertisements and sophisticated marketing, their narrative is surprisingly presented by those most victimized by abortion — black men and women. The public square, through the voices of black politicians, black preachers, black feminists, and black community organizers, is deceiving many into believing health care and abortion services are one and the same. Yet, these voices are unchallenged at this juncture and enjoy the support of media allies and other social media platforms that pump their untrammeled lies into our communities, seducing the uninformed into baby-killing and self-destruction.

This scenario is currently working itself out in the struggle pro-lifers face due to SCOTUS’s punt to the states. The black pro-life community is challenged to find ways to dispute voices from our community to normalize killing babies as health care. Unfortunately, these voices are supported by a powerful lobbyist with deep pockets to buy and finance black hirelings to sell death in our communities across this nation.

The battlefield in the fight for babies has changed, and the strategy must also change. We can no longer compartmentalize our efforts into individual silos fighting apart. Instead, black and white pro-lifers must team together and enter the new arena of state politics. White evangelicals must stand shoulder to shoulder with black pro-life men and women as they push back against deceptive lies articulated by false prophets and lying politicians.

New strategies and new tactics are required as we face a battle for the hearts and minds of all Americans.

Pastor Stephen Broden
Executive Director, Content of Character Series
Contact 214-394-0098

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