Stephen Broden: Mayor Pete, Fake Christian, and The Redefinition of Christianity

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is publicly challenging the definition of what a Christian is in the public square.

The culmination of the culture wars has now turned to redefining Christianity. The LGBTQ community has used media, entertainment, and the law to codify their view of sexuality. They have convinced Americans that the homosexual lifestyle is normal and acceptable practice in the public square. They have, in effect, successfully introduced a neo-morality into the culture.

Popular culture has scoffed at and derided traditional values and pushed them aside to the human scrap heap of yesterday’s news. Bible teaching is considered by popular culture as irrelevant and of no use for the 21st-century social mores and practices. In fact, the LGBTQ community is claiming victory over the traditional values of evangelicals.

Mayor Pete represents the “kill shot” launched by the Gay community to now redefine Christianity. This neo-Christianity is made out of their feelings into their image. Pete Buttigieg is the face of their new theology. Buttigieg claims that “God Made Me This Way,” which is an incredible claim, because the Bible teaches homosexuality is a sin. However, this claim is far more dangerous and sinister than it appears.

Mayor Pete’s claim challenges the integrity of scriptures. It leads to this question: how can the Bible condemn homosexuality when God created homosexuals? Is the Bible a reliable source of truth or is it a misrepresentation of facts? This is by no means a small matter. This claim creates a contradiction and brings into question the coherency of truth claims in the Holy Word of God.

Also, the claim makes the God of scripture a hypocrite. Why would He make people homosexuals and then condemn them as sinners? Buttigieg is challenging underlying assumptions in the infallible word of God. I submit he is redefining Christianity. This attack has been brewing for a long time. The LGBTQ has been seeking ways to diminish the influence of the Bible’s unswerving teachings against the gay lifestyle.

“The Reformation Project” is an organization that promotes the inclusion of LGBTQ people by reforming church teaching. They state on the webpage: “We envision a global church that fully affirms LGBTQ people.” This vision starts with altering the scriptures to teach the gay lifestyle as biblically acceptable. Aaron Brown, a gay psychiatrist and pastor in North Texas, says: “I came to understand scriptures as a library of people and their understanding of God and not a God-dictated rule book. That allowed me to understand that God has deemed all things good, very good in fact.” Clearly, this is a feeling-based theology in spite of Bible doctrine.

This thinking is a redefinition of Christianity. This is the proverbial death blow to Christianity as we know it in America. Some would say this is hyperbole; however, we cannot look at this from the point of view of mature Christians, but rather from the point of view of low-information Christians, cultural Christians without the depth of knowledge or biblical training that would help them see “fake Christianity” for what it is — a feeling-based deception.

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StephenBrodenStephen E. Broden is the senior pastor at Fair Park Bible Fellowship, founder of Protect Life and Marriage Texas, and member of the National Black Prolife Coalition. He is the chairman of the Gone 2 Far Movement.

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