Teachers’ Unions Growing Power Over Education — At Children’s Expense

With elections only two weeks away, students are back in the classroom.

“That’s not to say the campaign to keep students out of school is over,” Star Parker said on Straight Arrow News. Students in the nation’s capital are required to have the COVID vaccine to attend in-person classes.

“And as many parents are already aware, it’s the monopoly of control that teachers’ unions have over our public schools that has kept students away from their teachers,” Star said. “Teachers’ unions have the deepest pockets. Their far-reaching power and influence at the local, state, and federal levels grow every year.”

Star talked about those national test scores from nine-year-old students that recently came out. The results of math and reading progress over two years: historically BAD. Yet teachers’ unions continue to fight against charter schools, private schools, and any kind of school choice.

President Joe Biden recently gave a speech before one of the larger teachers’ unions in the country. Oddly, he barely spoke about education or students.

“Instead, he spoke about power and the threat of it” from the other side, Star said. Biden didn’t talk about students and their struggles during and after the pandemic. He didn’t address how to better serve the core mission of teachers or how to deal with the abysmal national scores.

Biden and teachers’ unions care about maintaining power. That’s it.

Watch the clip below to hear what else Star had to say.

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