Tennessee School Board Stands Up to Atheists

BCN featured a post last week about Christians in Port Neches, Texas, standing up to atheists who want the city to remove a cross in tax-funded RiverFront Park. Read what some of the commenters had to say about the cross.

The battle is ongoing. Christians in Unicoi County, Tennessee, are also standing up to the unbelievers.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) asked the school board to remove a Christian flag on display during meetings. An excerpt:

“The Christian flag being displayed during public school board meetings unabashedly creates the perception of government endorsement of Christianity, “FFRF Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert stated.

Markert went on to contend that courts have continually ruled against the display of religious objects at public schools.

The FFRF also describes the overt Christian symbolism of the flag on its website, adding to their reasoning for why display of the flag is a clear endorsement of Christianity.

The board’s chairman has so far refused to remove the flag. Although the U.S. Constitution doesn’t contain a “separation of church and state” phrase or even the idea, courts have interpreted the Establishment Clause to require it.

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