This Court in Texas Just REJECTED the Biden Admin’s Attempt to Dismiss a Religious Pharmacist’s Lawsuit Over Abortion Drugs

The Biden administration ordered pharmacies that service federally funded programs like Medicare and Medicaid to stock and dispense drugs that kill unborn babies.

Pharmacists who believe life begins at conception and that unborn babies should be protected don’t want to stock and dispense these killing drugs. But the weight of government retaliation will come down on any pharmacy that doesn’t comply — regardless of religious or moral beliefs about abortion.

Dr. Kevin Martian, who owns the Mayo Pharmacy in North Dakota, doesn’t want to comply. He filed a federal lawsuit.

According to Dr. Martian’s legal counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the Biden administration asked the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, Midland-Odessa Division, to dismiss the lawsuit. But the court rejected the request and will allow the lawsuit to proceed.

The court said that what is “most troubling is the trending technique federal agencies are using as standard strategy in implementing the executive branch’s policy goals in contravention of the rule of law.”

The Biden administration is using federal agencies to push its pro-abortion agenda and penalizing religious medical professionals who don’t want to participate in the destruction of life.

“What’s more, this compartmentalization of executive policy in an effort to avoid legal consequence is done in the open for all to see, though no one is supposed to notice,” the court contended. “Those days are gone; the Court notices. This administration has, before and since Dobbs, openly stated its intention to operate by fiat to find non-legislative workarounds to Supreme Court dictates. This Court will not play along with such a breach of constitutional constraints.”

Don’t mess with Texas. These judges see what the administration is attempting to do. But the U.S. Constitution guarantees our religious freedom, as does the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which leftist Senator Chuck Schumer introduced in 1993.

“Unelected bureaucrats shouldn’t be forcing Americans to dispense abortion-inducing drugs against their conscience,” said ADF Legal Counsel Andrea Dill. “The Biden administration’s repeated attempts to impose a federal right to abortion continue to fail because that right has never existed—not to mention it’s illegal and directly conflicts with federal and state law.”

Photo credit: Robin Marty (Creative Commons) – Some rights reserved

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