The Democrats’ 2020 Apology Tour Begins

It begins! Joe Biden, running for president, is apologizing being an over-50 white man, something he can’t control.

“What Biden should apologize for is years of touching countless women on the shoulders,” Blaze TV’s Deneen Borelli said. “And yet, Biden has the audacity to speak about violence against women at the Biden Courage Awards Ceremony, where he slammed what he called a ‘white man’s culture.'”

Borelli asked whether “white men’s culture” includes touching women or sniffing their hair?

Well, he sort of apologized for that, and blamed it on the times. But now he sees the error of his ways. Social norms have changed. Borelli contradicts him. It was never okay to touch women that way.

And why did Biden “reach out” to Anita Hill, who accused then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexually harassing her? Borelli talks about this and how other Democrats are apologizing in time for 2020.

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