Power, Poverty, & Politics Podcast: The Global, Spiritual Struggle of Good and Evil

On this episode of Power, Poverty, & Politics with Star Parker, she talked about what President Ronald Reagan said about the “evil empire.”

When speaking to an audience at the National Association of Evangelicals in Orlando in 1983, President Reagan called the Soviet Union the evil empire. Star said Reagan spoke almost as a prophet. He went on to say that the crisis we faced in America was a spiritual battle, not one of military might. The Soviet Union collapsed, and Ukraine was freed from Soviet rule.

“As Americans watch these events unfold in Ukraine, we must refocus on what is going on in our own country,” Star said. “How are we going to be the moral light in the world if we don’t focus on what’s going on in our own country? If we lose a sense of importance and relevance of Reagan’s words as they apply here at home, we surely will not know how to relate to events as they transpire in the rest of the world.”

And there’s plenty of reason to assume we’re losing that perspective now. Listen to this important episode here or on Spotify, Apple, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, or Stitcher to find out more.

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