The House Just Sent Obama A Strong Message About America's Safety

USSenateWORLD reported that House Republicans and some Democrats who care about the safety of American citizens just passed a veto-proof bill on Thursday to make it harder for Syrian refugees to settle on our soil.

Two Republicans voted against the bill: Rep. Walter Jones and Rep. Steve King.

With the possibility that Muslim terrorists could be hidden among the Muslim refugees, lawmakers voted to temporarily stop admitting Syrian and Iraqi refugees. If the bill becomes law, the FBI will conduct background checks on refugees from these countries (weren’t they doing that anyway?). The FBI would have to certify that each individual refugee poses no security risk.

It doesn’t go far enough for some, but it’s a start. From WORLD:

President Barack Obama said yesterday he would kill the Republican-proposed legislation if it reached his desk. His deputies worked hard to convince Democrats to follow the president’s lead. But 47 of them crossed the aisle to side with 242 Republicans on an issue that has become a lightning rod for terrorism fears.

“I cannot sit back and ignore the concerns of my constituents and the American public,” said freshman Rep. Brad Ashford, D-Neb.

Even Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who opposed the law, refused to strong-arm her colleagues into voting with her.

“I’ve said to them from the start, ‘Nobody’s asked you to do anything. Do whatever works for you, for your district,’” she told reporters.

When will the Senate take up the bill? The safety of American citizens over foreigners should be a unanimously bipartisan priority.

Governors in at least 30 states have come out against President Barack Obama’s plan to resettle Syrian refugees in their states. Even in the wake of the horrendous attacks in Paris, the president is prepared to push through a scheme that could raise the risk of murder and mayhem in the name of Allah in his own country.

The “vulnerable” people the government should be focusing on are Americans.

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