The International Religious Freedom Alliance to Meet in the Nation’s Capital Before National Prayer Breakfast

At the United Nations religious freedom summit last September, President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would spend $25 million to protect international religious freedom, sites, and relics.

The president also spoke about forming the International Religious Freedom Alliance. The Christian Post reported that at least 17 other countries are committed to joining this alliance and will meet the day before the National Prayer Breakfast this week.

The former Kansas governor and U.S. senator [Sam Brownback] could not yet disclose which countries will participate in the meeting.

“We got a pretty high bar for joining it, honestly,” Brownback detailed. “We want nations that respect religious freedom in their own country and are willing to push religious freedom in international venues. This is the activist club of countries.”

Brownback believes that the “right crew” is assembled and believes a difference will be made.

“The United States pushes [religious freedom] but we need other allies to push it too,” Brownback said. “The fortunate thing is that it isn’t going to be just us. It is going to be a group of nations to push on this.”

This is why voting is important. Although our religious freedom is guaranteed in the Constitution, secularists have invented the “wall of separation” between church and state, an idea Thomas Jefferson expressed to reassure a religious association that the First Amendment protects religion from the state, not the other way around. This idea was turned on its head to allow the government to impinge on the right of Americans to live — not just believe — their faith.

Believers on the left and the right should fight to protect, not hinder, the practice of the Christian faith.

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