The Kind of Speech Student Protesters Want to Suppress Now

Pro-life display from recent NAACP protest
Pro-life display from recent NAACP protest

Who couldn’t use a “safe space” from the truth from time to time? Degeneracy is growing, and our First Amendment protection to speak out against it is weakening. The consequences of man’s sin and rebellion are unstoppable. And people certainly don’t want their sins pointed out or judged.

Some people don’t like inconvenient truths, like the disproportionate abortion rate among black women. Only 13 percent of the U.S. population, blacks account for at least a third of all abortions. Is the womb one of the most dangerous places for black babies?

Students at the University of Missouri recently protested what they considered to be racism on campus. But then they attempted to suppress speech they opposed, speech critical of their antics and demands. 

Now they want to suppress the truth about abortion. Pastor Clenard Childress and his group of pro-lifers recently set up pro-life displays on the Missouri campus to remind students that black lives also matter in the womb and to inform them of the high abortion rate among blacks.

Abortion advocates encouraged offended students — adults, by the way — to fill out Bias Incident Reports if the facts about abortion bothered them. From Campus Reform:

Representatives from Planned Parenthood and several Mizzou-affiliated groups organized a counter-protest, where they held signs stating things like “I bet they’re voting for Donald Trump!”

One woman yelled, “If these images disturb you, please go to the Title IX website and fill out a Bias Incident Report!”

The pro-choice groups said they particularly took offense to the images because they were poorly-timed with it being the week preceding finals, and that it was triggering for many students during such a stressful time.

One protester held a sign and shouted, “We shouldn’t have triggers on our campus!” and “Offensive ideas have no place on this campus!”

Images of aborted babies, as gruesome as they are, drive home the point. Abortion is a horrendous act.

Photo credit: All Black Life Matters

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