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The Center for Urban Renewal and Education’s (CURE) mission is to educate, empower, and equip people in distressed zip codes so they can break the cycle of government dependence. CURE addresses these issues through the founding principles of three Cs: Christianity, Capitalism, and our Constitution.

Thanks to CURE’s supporters, the organization presents its report, The State of Black America: Progress, Pitfalls, and the Promise of the Republic,” published by Encounter Books. This report is available for pre-order for a publication date of May 24.

The State of Black America, a collection of essays, is a historical look at race in America. The issue of race isn’t one-sided, although the media likes to portray it that way. We need free discourse in this country if we’re going to make real progress. America’s history, like the history of any other country, has good and bad aspects. But we’re still a union, and the state of black America is an important part of the discussion.

From the publisher’s description:

The essays in this volume bring clarity to the murky darkness of America’s race debates, reviewing and building upon the latest scholarship on the character, shape, and tendencies of life for black Americans. Together, they tell a story of black America’s astounding success in integrating into mainstream American culture and propose that black patriotism is the key to overcoming what problems remain.

Featuring contributions from W. B. Allen, Mikael Rose Good, Edward J. Erler, Robert D. Bland, Glenn C. Loury, Ian V. Rowe, Precious D. Hall, Daphne Cooper, Star Parker, and Robert Borens.

Order The State of Black America at Encounter Books, and use the code BCN at checkout to receive a 30 percent discount!

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