The Super Bowl Commercial That Saved a Life

Focus on the Family ran a commercial during the Super Bowl seven years ago that featured former NFL player Tim Tebow, the Christian and pro-lifer whose mother chose not to kill him in the womb against her doctor’s advice, and the woman herself.

Tebow’s mother had developed pregnancy complications, but she chose to protect his life.

Now Tebow’s story, shown during one of the country’s highest rated broadcasts, has saved a baby’s life.

Susan Wood told her boyfriend she was pregnant on the day of the Super Bowl. He wasn’t excited about it. She decided to get an abortion. Then she saw the Tebow ad.

“I wanted to be critical,” Wood said. “I wanted to bash this horrible ‘anti-choice’ commercial. But as we watched, everyone agreed that it was a positive commercial with an encouraging message — not one of judgment or condemnation.”

Watch the Tebow commercial that aired in 2010:

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