These Lawmakers Want to Cut LEGAL Immigration – Here’s What Trump Said

Reasonable people understand the unfairness of illegal immigration, its financial and social costs, and how it undermines the rule of law.

Illegal aliens enter and/or remain in the country in violation of U.S. law, essentially jumping in front of people “in line” to enter and remain in accordance with federal law.

The U.S. doesn’t have to admit any foreigners, and like any other sovereign nations, may enforce its borders. Many Americans believe decisions about admitting non-Americans should be filtered through what’s best for Americans.

And that’s what lawmakers want to happen.

The Washington Times reported that Senator David Perdue and Senator Tom Cotton introduced a bill that would reduce legal immigration by 50 percent over the next 10 years and prioritize potential immigrants with job skills who speak English. An excerpt:

The measure, known as the RAISE Act, “will reduce poverty, increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars,” Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Cotton said the current immigration system is “an obsolete disaster” in which only 1 immigrant in 15 comes to the U.S. because of their job skills.

“I think it’s a symbol that were’ not committed to working-class Americans,” Mr. Cotton said of the current system.

The new system would reward education, English-language ability, high-paying job offers, past achievements, and entrepreneurial initiative. The White House said it would be similar to the merit-based immigration systems used by Canada and Australia.

The measure prioritizes immediate family members of U.S. residents, including spouses and minor children, but would end preferences for extended family members and adult children.

The bill would reduce the risk of immigrants becoming dependent on welfare and burdening the system. The measure would also limit “permanent resident” status for refugees to 50,000 a year — a number some might still consider too high.

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