This Air Force Veteran Has Something to Say About Hampshire College Removing the American Flag – UPDATE

Stacy Washington, military veteran and radio show host, recently appeared on Stuart Varney’s show on Fox News to talk about Hampshire College (Amherst, Massachusetts), an American college in America, removing the American flag.

Sources reported that the Hampshire College’s board of trustees decided to lower the main flag in the center of campus to half-staff after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Disgruntled students sneakily burned it, and the administrators replaced and continued to fly it at half-staff. But then the private college decided to stop flying any flags on campus altogether until students and faculty can “discuss and confront deeply held beliefs about what the flag represents to the members of our campus community,” according to the college’s president.

Veterans protested the decision, gathering on the campus and shouting, “USA!”

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Washington said. “We’re not in a foreign country here. This is America, and if you want to make a statement about not liking what happened during the election, there are other ways to do that.”

Update: The flag returns!

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