This Black Conservative Was Shot With a 12 Gauge — How It Affected His Religious and Political Beliefs

Marc Little, chairman of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education‘s board of directors, was shot by a gang member who also attempted to rob him in 1987. Then a recent college graduate, Little lost his leg.

This experience led him on a search for what he believed in as a Christian, then he aligned his beliefs with how he votes. Protecting life in the womb is so important, Little said.

“Twenty million black babies have been aborted since 1973. President Obama was actually the first sitting president to attend the Planned Parenthood convention while in office in support of the work that they do.”

Little also talked about his belief in limited government and how the money he works for to take care of his family goes to others. “The bigger government gets, the harder it gets for me to take care of my family.”

Little discusses other conservative and biblical principles.

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