This Conservative Calls What Unpatriotic and Disrespectful Democrats Did at the SOTU a GIFT

Ken Blackwell, a former member of President Donald Trump’s transition team, said the president hit the ball out of the park in his State of the Union speech.

The president “struck the perfect balance between his persona, those policies that are driving economic growth, national security, and neighborhood safety, along with the political calculus that will have an impact on the 2018 election.”

What summed it up for Blackwell was President Trump’s comment that Americans are dreamers, too.

Putting the American people first – refreshing to hear these days. The behavior of many of the Democrats was unpatriotic and disrespectful, Blackwell said. But it’s also a gift. The president put emphasis on the American people and the American spirit, while high-profile Democrats were “acting a fool.”

President Trump “won the contest in framing a reasonable middle ground” on immigration. He is now in control of the reasonableness narrative.”

So what should the president do if Democrats don’t agree to pass his immigration compromise? Listen to what Blackwell has to say:

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