This Governor Said There Will Be No Sanctuary for Foreigners in the Country Illegally in His State

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida declared that his state will not provide sanctuary for foreigners in the United States illegally.

The Daily Caller reported that the governor promised to sign such a measure when he was campaigning against defeated opponent Andrew Gillum. He fulfilled the promise on Friday when he signed a bill that requires state and local governments to cooperate with the federal government in its duty to enforce immigration laws. An excerpt:

Furthermore, the bill prohibits local governments from adopting “sanctuary” policies that protect illegal immigrants, requiring them to notify ICE when an individual subject to a detainer is released from their custody.

DeSantis’s bill signing marks a further divide in how conservative and liberal states deal with federal immigration enforcement.

Ten states — Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Iowa, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Missouri — have laws that mandate state and local governments help ICE apprehend suspected illegal immigrants. On the other hand, a growing number of blue-leaning states have passed laws that strictly prohibit local law enforcement from honoring ICE detainers. Colorado and Washington, both states run by Democratic-controlled legislatures and governors, signed sanctuary bills into law as recently as May.

Gov. DeSantis said the new law is about the rule of law and public safety.

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