This is How Betsy DeVos Responded to Getting Booed at Black College’s Commencement

Betsy DeVos, the recently confirmed Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, spoke at Bethune-Cookman College’s graduation ceremony earlier this week.

An excerpt from her prepared remarks:

I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with you, and particularly with those who have disagreed with the invitation for me to be here. One of the hallmarks of higher education, and of democracy, is the ability to converse with and learn from those with whom we disagree.

And while we will undoubtedly disagree at times, I hope we can do so respectfully. Let’s choose to hear each other out.

I want to re-affirm this Administration’s commitment to and support for HBCUs and the students they serve. Please know this: we support you, and we will continue to support you. That is one reason why we support restoring year-round Pell Grants. This commonsense solution will enable more students to further their educations without taking on additional debt.

Some members of the black college’s commencement audience booed and turned their backs on DeVos as she spoke. This was her classy response to their behavior:

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