This Is What Happened After Donald Trump Met With Group of Black Pastors

BCN blogged about the “miscommunication” between Donald Trump and a group of black pastors, who met yesterday to discuss a possible endorsement. Trump said the meeting went “very well.” But what do the pastors say?

Pastor Darrell Scott of Cleveland said the meeting was “very constructive.” The group had “meaningful dialogue with Donald Trump.”

Pastor James Manning of Harlem, a critic of President Barack Obama, said Trump “realizes why black people are going to vote for him. He is truthful – forget about him not being politically correct. He loves America, I believe that he does.”

Omarosa Manigault, a former contestant of Trump’s “The Apprentice” TV show, said that she “walked away with the answers to the questions that my parishioners had. Everybody in that room had their own individual role and agenda.”

It remains to be seen whether all members of the group, or only some or perhaps none, will endorse Trump for the GOP presidential nomination. 

Reuters referred to the pastors’ group as the Coalition of African American Ministers, but it’s also called the Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP). Last summer, members of CAAP said they were prepared to disobey laws that redefine marriage to include two people of the same sex.

Trump said that “most” of the pastors at the meeting endorsed him.

Do you believe Trump’s assessment of the meeting?

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