This Is What Sheriff David Clarke Has to Say About That ‘No Fly’ List

If the so-called no-fly, no-buy gun control legislation had passed, would it have worked?

The issue came up because of the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida. But Sheriff David Clarke said lawmakers are working on the wrong thing.

“First of all, Omar Mateen wasn’t even on the no-fly list when he committed his offense…There’s a reason Congress has such a low approval rating.”

Republicans and other pro-Second Amendment supporters want due process of the law.

“I find something very distasteful about government keeping a secret list,” the sheriff said, “with anybody on it without any oversight or any process. How do you get on that list, who makes the final determination, and how could you get off that list?”

What if a law-abiding American is on the terrorist-watch list by mistake? Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes was on the list because of some of the places he’d traveled. If he’d tried to buy a gun, the government would have denied him that right. He would have asked the reason.

Well, we can’t tell you because it’s secret.

Nobody wants terrorists to have access to guns, “but at the same time, the government does make mistakes. We do have a Constitution. If you’re going to deny constitutional rights in this country, it cannot be done without due process.”

The English Stuart Varney said he thinks “a lot of people in this country are concerned about the proliferation of guns into everyday life.” He doesn’t think they want to see men walking around with rifles, or in a bar where alcohol is served, or in schools.

Listen to the American Sheriff Clarke’s response to that.

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